Technology education: better salaries will encourage pupils to study sciences

An encouraging blog regarding the benefit of studying technology and its effects on job prospects.

Navtej kohli CDC Program

John Naughton’s article created some small print, however ignores the important downside, the low salaries paid to skilled engineers and scientists. A bright pupil can recognise that the stem subjects area unit arduous. thus why trouble with these subjects, once it’s potential to waltz through arts A-levels, attend university, study a similar simple choices, and find an improved, we have a tendency toll-paid job on graduation? till we awaken to the current downside we’ll not get our young learning engineering, technology or science and that we won’t have a future, as well as a bright one.scientist microscope

John Owen (CEng)


One way for all our youth to possess access to the most recent development in science and technology, and to resolve the debt downside for graduates, would be to waive fees for all undergraduates willing to pay their second year in state colleges, as room assistants, whereas writing a thesis…

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