The two sides of LEGO

LEGOS are now being marketed to engage girls to start playing with these educational tools.

Field notes from Education

LEGO bricks Source Wikipedia: LEGO bricks.

When I read the article about LEGO becoming ‘increasingly girly’ on Washington Post I was surprised. I have noticed the trend but haven’t paid that much attention to it until now. I don’t understand why a toy that both genders can enjoy has to choose sides.

When I was a teacher at a comprehensive school in Helsinki, the Technology lessons in that school were built around LEGO Mindstorms. In short, with the LEGO Mindstorms you can build and program robots, constructions etc., from the LEGO bricks (standard and special ones). The robot becomes ‘alive’ through a ‘central unit’ (back then it was RCX, now EV3), which can be attached to the robot. With the Mindstorms program on your computer, you can make a program for your robot and transfer it to the EV3 unit. This concept of building and programming your own designs…

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