16 Ways To Become A Travel Hacking Master

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Using points and miles to book free flights has allowed me to travel the world more often and to more places than I could have dreamed. Flights are typically the most expensive component to any vacation, which is why the ability to book free flights has saved me thousands.

What is Travel Hacking?

Travel hacking is the art of collecting frequent flyer miles and points to travel for free.

The best part is the majority of miles are earned without ever stepping foot on a plane. Many travel hackers, like myself, earn hundreds of thousands of miles per year. Some have even earned upwards of 1 millions miles and points over a year.

You don’t need to spend any money outside of everyday spending to earn these miles or points to fly for free. The key is to take advantage of what is already being offered to you to start…

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Biotechnology KWL Due May 15th

What do you want to know about Biotechnology and the future?

What do you want to know about Biotechnology and the future?

Watch the video first, then submit a question, idea, or a “I have always wondered” post. I am looking to find what we know, and what we want to know about Biotechnology. The due date for this post will be next Tuesday May 15th. Link one website and one video from youtube related to Biotechnology. Respond to two of your classmates Blogs posts with a supporting link to answer one of their questions.


Key Terms:

Stem Cells          Biology        STEM      Agriculture        Medical

Biomedical Engineering       Aquaculture



The two sides of LEGO

LEGOS are now being marketed to engage girls to start playing with these educational tools.

Field notes from Education

LEGO bricks Source Wikipedia: LEGO bricks.

When I read the article about LEGO becoming ‘increasingly girly’ on Washington Post I was surprised. I have noticed the trend but haven’t paid that much attention to it until now. I don’t understand why a toy that both genders can enjoy has to choose sides.

When I was a teacher at a comprehensive school in Helsinki, the Technology lessons in that school were built around LEGO Mindstorms. In short, with the LEGO Mindstorms you can build and program robots, constructions etc., from the LEGO bricks (standard and special ones). The robot becomes ‘alive’ through a ‘central unit’ (back then it was RCX, now EV3), which can be attached to the robot. With the Mindstorms program on your computer, you can make a program for your robot and transfer it to the EV3 unit. This concept of building and programming your own designs…

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Technology education: better salaries will encourage pupils to study sciences

An encouraging blog regarding the benefit of studying technology and its effects on job prospects.

Navtej kohli CDC Program

John Naughton’s article created some small print, however ignores the important downside, the low salaries paid to skilled engineers and scientists. A bright pupil can recognise that the stem subjects area unit arduous. thus why trouble with these subjects, once it’s potential to waltz through arts A-levels, attend university, study a similar simple choices, and find an improved, we have a tendency toll-paid job on graduation? till we awaken to the current downside we’ll not get our young learning engineering, technology or science and that we won’t have a future, as well as a bright one.scientist microscope

John Owen (CEng)


One way for all our youth to possess access to the most recent development in science and technology, and to resolve the debt downside for graduates, would be to waive fees for all undergraduates willing to pay their second year in state colleges, as room assistants, whereas writing a thesis…

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Maui Has my Heart

The Runner's Plate

Craig and I spent 9 days in Maui and had an absolutely AMAZING time. Beautiful beaches, tons of sunshine, great food, a plethora of activities, and lasting memories.

This was our second trip to Maui—as we went two years ago, and we were definitely not disappointed we went back for a second time. We would happily go back again and again.

We flew in on Saturday and while we were greeted with clouds and a tropical rain, I did not care; I was in Hawaii with an open airport concourse.

DSC_0011Our first stop after picking up our luggage and rental car was a bite to eat at Whole Foods since we don’t have one in Anchorage. We then drove to Lahaina, where we stayed all week, to check into our condo. The first time we traveled to Maui, we stayed at Aina Nalu. When I was looking…

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Hawaii 3.0

A Whimsical Tale of Wanderlust

I can hardly believe it, but I am actually headed back to Hawaii in a few short days!

I hadn’t even made it completely back home from my last Maui trip (technically I was in the Portland airport catching my connecting flight up to Seattle) when my best friend called to tell me that she just got engaged and that I would be headed back to Maui just a few short months later for her wedding!

Now I have been looking forward to this vacation, but I really haven’t been thinking about it nonstop. So when I looked at my calendar today and realized that I will be leaving in a matter of days…I kinda freaked out for a second.

There are so many last minute things still left to do…like getting a new pair of sunglasses and replenishing all my travel sized toiletries. Oh, and I still need to…

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